ECrowd! receives the license from the CNMV to operate as a collaborative finance platform

Wednesday, 6th july 2016

ECrowd! amongst the first crowdlending platforms in Spain to be licensed



ECrowd!, the crowdlending platform for positive impact investments, has today announced that it has received its formal operating license from the Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), the regulatory body of the Spanish Stock Market.

The licensing process is a requirement for all “collaborative finance platforms” and validates compliance with the Law 5/2015, of 27th April 2015, to promote corporate finance. In effect it sets any licensed crowdlending platform on par with banks as fully regulated and recognised credit institutions.

ECrowd!, the young, Barcelona based company is amongst the very first platforms to obtain the official license from the CNMV.

“This is obviously a very important step for us” acknowledged Matthieu van Haperen, CEO of ECrowd! “as it validates the thoroughness of the processes we have put in place within ECrowd! to fully comply with the regulation and being able to continue to operate as an authorised entity.”

He added: “However, at least as important as the stamp of approval given by the authorities, is the fact that we can now demonstrate to all our existing and future clients that we operate in a fully regulated environment. When it comes to investments, trust is paramount for all parties. In this aspect, the licensing process is absolutely essential to the healthy growth of our industry.”

Jordi Solé Muntada, COO of ECrowd!, added: “The obtention of the license marks yet another momentous achievement for ECrowd! in what has been a very exciting and growth fuelled year so far. We are currently well on track to achieve 100% growth in 2016, and I believe that today’s announcement will improve even further the confidence in our model.”


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